Mi Chen



Starting with a few common art supplies, artists can create a countless amount of shapes and patterns which can be combined together that results in another piece of art. Theoretically, the action of creating something new based on existing artworks can be repeated infinitely.

This project is separated into four stages with each stage presenting artifacts created from the previous stage. The artworks are created through different techniques, including hand-drawn, digital subtraction, and Risograph printing methods. This collection showcases a tiny fraction of infinite possibilities.

Stage 1:  Ten tools are given. Six of them leave marks and the others don’t.

A. Graphite
B. Marker
C. Micron Pen
D. Charcoal
E. Pastel
F.  Ink

G. Ruler
H. Compass
I.  Blending Stump
J. Fan Brush

Stage 2:  Only two tools from Stage 1 can be used maximally to create patterns and shapes on 4.5 x 6-inch papers.

Top Left: No.5 (D, I)
Top Right: No.42 (F, J)

Bottom Left: No.13 (F, J)
Bottom Right: No.38 (F, J)

Stage 3:  Mix and match two pieces from Stage 2, and “subtract” the pieces through Photoshop modes.

Left: No.5 + No.43
Right: No.13 + No.38

Stage 4:  Print the pieces created in Stage 3 in three colors using Risograph printer.